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Rafting is one of the most extreme adventure sports. And Nepal, being the second richest country in water resources, has many mighty flowing rivers. Karnali-rafting-nepal-white-water-asia-alex-treadway-5From fast flowing rivers in the mountains to gentle rivers in the south, Nepal’s rivers offer adventures unlimited. Take a walk around Thamel and you will be overwhelmed by the number of rafting agencies. The industry is thriving and the tourist flow for river rafting is swelling. The demand for rafting is now also raging among locals especially youngsters who are taking to rafting like a duck takes to water.

Along with the adrenaline rush and the thrills of splashing through rapids, rafting in Nepal offers fantastic views of snow-capped mountains, terraced hillsides, lush green forest, picturesque villages, clear blue water and excellent river beaches.

Rivers are divided into various classes according to the river’s rapids, current and speed. First timers are advised to start from first class rivers and for the more experienced and brave hearted, grade five rivers with the fastest current will provide an adrenaline rush.


Name of River Class Trip
Trishuli 1-3 Rafting trip for 1- 3 days
Seti 2-3 Rafting trip for 2 days
Kali Gandaki 3-4 Rafting trip for 3 days
Bhote Koshi 3-5 Rafting trip for 2 days
Marsyandi 4-5 Rafting & Kayaking trip for 4 days