Trekking Season in Nepal

Generally, the times do understand in the winter months in Nepal. Dec, Jan and Feb months are cold times in mountain areas. In the wintertime season, in Nepal is usually snow in the higher levels with risk gusts of wind and chillier temperature ranges. Hence is ideal for hiking in the lower level. The best periods for trekking are the dry and warm season that starts from March to June and from September to November. During these times, the temperature is tolerable and air is usually windy and suitable for trekking, although the sky is foggier and the rainfall starts in May-June. NepasTravel Tours will provide you complete information to enjoy trekking season in Nepal during these seasons.

Nepal is unbelievably beautiful in all seasons and is a perfect location for the ones who love trekking and breathtaking nature. Below you can find some detailed description of how the weather is in every season.

Autumn (September – November)

When it comes to travelers interested in trekking in Nepal, autumn is the most advised season. The weather is just marvelous with moderate temperature, and you will admire the beautiful landscapes of mountains under clear blue sky. At higher altitudes, there might be short storms, which will cover the peaks of the mountains in snow.

Winter (December – February)

During the winter season usually, some snow is predicted only at higher spots though. To avoid trekking in snowfall, it is advised to trek below 3500m or at lower heights. You will get the chance to enjoy the charming views of white head mountains.

Spring (March – May)

Spring is one of the great seasons for trekking in Nepal. One can choose any route and enjoyable time is guaranteed. During this time you can enjoy the pleasant scent of wild flowers. Specifically, the rhododendrons cover the entire hillside even above 3000m and create these spots ideal for hunting. Locations, which are over 4000m, have amoderate temperature with stunning Mountain Views;whereas, at lower elevations, you can enjoy themild warm weather.

Summer (June – August) monsoon

Summers last until mid-September offering moderately warm and wet weather for traveling. Those who are fond of photography and would like to admire botanical beauties, this is a perfect time. Beautiful valleys and meadows at higher peaks are all covered in blossomed flowers making Nepal exceptionally beautiful. Those traveling to Nepal for trekking during these months are recommended to carry insect repellent. Trekking in rainy shadows is a whole new experience during this time of the year.