Many times visitors to the Himalayas and Himalayan Mountains want a tour and want to be able to trek around. The trekking is good in terms of keeping the individual healthy and strong as well as providing the opportunity for visitors to take in the sights and sounds of the mountains and regions in Nepal. NEPAS TRAVELLING TOURS has been doing this for a while, and we have perfected the art. We do know how to provide for our clients a trekking experience which they can never forget.

We have particular strong suits that make it imperative and essential for those who are visiting Nepal and intend to go on hiking to make use ofour services and us. To begin with, we do have experienced tour guides made up of the locals, who know the territory like the back of their hands. They know all the trails, short cuts and every area of the mountains. Along with this knowledge, the tour guides are well averse in the history of the place and so they make for interesting tour guides making it a wonderful experience for our clients.


When dealing with clients, we put know thepressure on them regarding the time which they want to take in going on these hikes. The tours and trekking are the work we do, and so we have no sort of pressure regardingtime, whichis spent. We allow the client all the time that they need and also help them to plan on what particular areas which they would like to visit. Many times, we have elderly people on these tours and it is the work of our guides to help them and put no pressure on them at all. Anyone on these tours can take all the time they want to ensure that they have the advantage of a holistic experience.


While trekking in the mountains and through other various pathways, safety is paramount. It is a cardinal area of our business to ensure that our clients are safe during the tours. The tour guides are well vast in first aid techniques and ensure the safety of our customers all through the time of the tours. We ensure that our clients are well protected and do not come to any harm during the tours.


The government certifies our company,weare registeredwith thenecessary agency of government, and we work hard to ensure that all funds which come through our company is protected and we have never had an issue of fraud traced to us. Anyone who pays for our services especially from outside the country is assured that their funds will get to us and we will provide the service for which we have been paid. We also provide very quality service for our clients and ensure that such clients are never disappointed with our output because it is important to us that quality is never compromisedon.


We run a system that allows all our clients to be able to go on tours based on how much they can afford. We design and tailor makes our tours according to the budget of our clients. This is done to ensure that our clients do not feel pressured into spending more than they have thecapacityfor.


We are committed to social and cultural values with the kind of work we do. We try our best to show to the world what we have to offer regarding our rich Himalayan culture and heritage. During the tours, it is important to us that our clients can get to see different areas and aspects of our culture and thus connect with us on a spiritual and emotional level. We are very committed to opening Asia to the world and so put to ensure that it shines forth in the work we do for our clients.


We have worked hard to ensure that we are well connectedregarding knowing our terrain as well as having a good working relationship with agencies such as the police, rescue agencies and the likes. This we have done to make sure that we are well prepared for any eventuality, and we ensure that if an emergency occurs, we can get our clients out of harm’s way into safety very quickly.