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Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan National Park is recognized as the best preserved conservation area in Asia. The park covering a pristine are of 932 sq.km was jungle_safariestablished in 1973 and is situated in the Terai lowlands of the southern central part of Nepal. The park was listed as World Heritage Site in 1984.
At the park the animals are free to roam around in their preserved natural habitats. Among these animals you will might get the opportunity to see two animals that are on the world endangered species list: The Greater  One-horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal Tiger. There are varieties of activities for you to do at the park an d you will get to see wildlife up-cl
ose on an elephant safari or a jeep drive, a boat ride or nature walk under the guidance of expert naturalists with years of experience. Each trip is unique and you will never know what to see or expect, you may see a bear, a head of deers, a flock of peacocks, Langur monkeys on the treetops, rhinos, tigers and crocodiles.
Surrounded by greenery and filled with natural sound, the mind relaxes and one finds peace in the wilderness. It’s an experience of a lifetime.