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  • Can you tell about your guides?

Our guides are well trained and experienced to lead Trekking & Peak climbing  They are native to Nepal, have firsthand experience of the Himalayas and have grown up in these areas. Our guides are accredited by The Trekking Association of Nepal (TAAN) have first aid training, including medical evacuation procedures.


  • Can we camp during our Trek?

Camping, whilst trekking can bring you closer to nature and the great outdoors. You carry only a small backpack (camera, water bottle and a jacket), the rest of your supplies and equipment is carried by your porters. The Sherpas set up camps, cook your food and serve meals. We arrange all necessary equipment such as tents, cooking equipment, guide, porters, kitchen staff and food.


  • What do I need to pack for the trek? 

Walking boots, T-shirts or short sleeved shirts, shorts made from cotton, long sleeved shirts for evenings, I long pair of trousers, sweater, a wind-breaker, warm sleeping wear for Dec/Jan/Feb; thick walking socks, personal toiletries including a small face towel, sun cream, sunglasses camera, sun hat, cotton scarves, bag which the porters carry. Please refer to trekking information section for more details.


  • What is the best time for trekking in Nepal?

Since Nepal is located at sub-tropical climatic zone, we have got four different seasons here: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Among them, spring and autumn are the best time for trekking and expedition in Nepal.  In spring from end of February to mid-April and in autumn from late September to early December is the favorable time in terms of climate, view, vegetation and resources.


  • Who can do trekking in Nepal?

If you are reasonably fit and enjoy walking you will find a trek in the program to suit you. Normally the shorter treks tend to be easier whilst the longer ones often require a better standard of fitness. All treks in the brochure have been graded. It is also worth remembering if we are tailoring your tour, you can choose the pace and direction of your experience.


  • I want to do trek. When and where can I do so?

There are numerous treks you can try when you are in Nepal depending on the time of the year, amount of time and money you have to spend, and the amount of experience you’ve had. For limited time and money, the best trekking routes would be the Langtang-Helambu trek just north of Kathmandu, and parts of the Annapurna region trek north of Pokhara. If you have more time, a trek in the Everest region or the full Annapurna circuit can be rewarding. A more difficult trek is the Kanchanjunga area trek in the far-eastern Nepal. A good trekking book is recommended if you want more details on treks.


  • Is it alone to trek alone?

While trekking alone can be a great way to get to know the country, deciding to trek alone deserves a second thought. Safety-wise, it is generally okay to trek alone on popular trekking route. Incidents involving trekkers do occur occasionally (and probably is on the rise). But as a general advice, you should team-up. Teaming-up can also be of great help if you ever need some medical help. During the main tourist season, you will run across other trekkers who will not mind you joining them. Also, you can find posters in the main tourist areas of Kathmandu and Pokhara looking for trekking partners. An option is also to hire a trek guide or a porter to go along with you.


  • Is it possible/easy to get equipment on hire?

There are trekking shops at Thamel, in kathmandu in particular, where you can easily rent or buy items like sleeping bags, down jackets, rucksacks and duffel bags.


  • Can I sit anywhere, or will there be preassigned seats?

There are no assigned seats. You will be able to sit in any available seat.


  • What is an E-ticket?

An E-ticket is distributed to you via email only. Upon entry, you will need to present your identifiation and, if requested by the promoter, the credit card that was used in the transaction. RA recommends printing the email just incase there are problems gaining access to the event.


  • Can we print our own tickets?

Yes. You have the option to print your own e-tickets.


  • What payment methods do you accept?

We accepts several methods of payment to including: Visa and MasterCard, American Express & Discover.


  • How do I know how much baggage I can travel with free of charge?

It’s important to ask your airline or travel agent when you purchase your ticket as the free baggage allowance can vary by airline, routing and class of fare. Free allowance baggage is generally defined as those items necessary for the passenger’s journey, such as clothing and personal articles within certain limitations.


  • How many pieces of luggage can I take?

IATA has guidelines for baggage but the number and weight of baggage allowed free of charge can vary by airline, routing and fare. The “piece concept” defines the number of bags entitled by the passenger’s ticket. Generally, two pieces of checked baggage are allowed per passenger, each piece weighing a maximum of 32 kilos (70 lb) and measuring no more than 158 cm (62 in) adding the dimensions: height + width + length. But check with the carrier because some airlines/airports have limits per bag which may be lower and for journeys with a single carrier, there may also be baggage limitation. The “piece concept” is generally in use on flights within, to and from Canada and the United States.


  • What about baggage weight?

The “weight concept” defines the amount of baggage entitled by the passenger’s ticket in kilos. For example, an economy class passenger may be entitled to 20 kilos of baggage and a business class passenger to 30 kilos. For safety considerations and in order to avoid inconvenience at the airport, make sure that your suitcase doesn’t weigh more than a maximum of 32 kilos (70lbs). If it does you will be asked to repack and transfer some of your belongings into another bag. Please note that the maximum weight limit relates only to single items and does not affect the baggage allowance or excess baggage charges, which are set by individual airlines. However, some airlines/airports may have limits per bag which are lower, and for journeys with a single carrier, there may also be baggage limitation. Therefore, check with your carrier in advance.


  • What are the benefits of choosing Nepas Travels and Tours?

Nepas Travels and Tours gives you the chance to avail best of deals on air fares to Nepal, plenty of exciting holiday packages to destiantional all over the world and much more. These will be posted on the site or emailed to you.


  • What do I do when I need assistance?

You can email your queries to our customer support team at nepasheritage117@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 24 hrs of your inquiry during the working days. You can also call us on our Phone number 469-444-3147 or 972-819-3747.


  • What if I misspelled my name while booking a ticket. How do I get it changed?

Please send us a mail on nepasheritage117@gmail.com to check if the airline you’ve booked with, entertains change–of–name requests. If the airline doesn’t allow it, you’ll have to cancel and re–book the ticket. We suggest our customers to check their names before purchasing the ticket.


  • How do I refund my ticket?

Free cancellation of tickets purchased within 12 hours. When Cancellation of bookings is done after 12 hrs of purchased, Normal Fees and charges may apply under particular Airline Rules.


  • Do different fares apply for children, depending on their ages?

Infant fare
Young guests below 2 years old, on the date of travel, are classified as infants. If travelling on their 2nd birthday or if they are occupying a seat, a child fare should be booked.

Child fare
Young guests from 2 years old and below 12 years old, on the date of travel, are classified as children. If travelling on their 12th birthday, an adult fare should be booked.


  • From what age does my children require their own seat?

Children above the age of 2 years on the date of travel will require their own seat.


  • Will I be served the meal of my choice?

It depends on the airlines which you choose to fly. Customers need to contact our sales representative for details to confirm their request.


  • Who is responsible for the cancellation of my flight?

The airlines will only help you if the flight is cancelled or delayed due to their fault. But if you miss your flight due to late check-in , then the fare rule will apply. You will have to contact your travel agent to advise the next step.