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Experience the majestic beauty of the Manaslu Massif in this remote mountain trek. Hike along an anciemanaslunt salt-trading route along the wild rapids of the Bhuri Gandhaki River and discover the splendour of pine, bamboo and rhododendron forests. Traverse mani walls, explore monasteries and gain insight into a culturally fascinating region. Trek over a breathtaking high mountain pass, walk over glacial terrain and discover why Manaslu, the 8th highest peak in the world is known as the mountain of the spirit.

This remote mountain haven and conservation area is home to the endangered snow leopard and was only opened to trekkers in 1992. The route has only just become available to do as a teahouse trek and is part of The Great Himalayan Trail. A spectacular alternative to the Annapurna Circuit or Khumbu region, the dramatic landscape of the Manaslu Circuit is a trek truly off the beaten track.