Why Nepas Travel Tours

Since 2014, Nepas Travel Tours has been a recognized trekking company in Nepal. Our level of expertise and quality of service are highly regarded. We help our guests choose from multiple itineraries incorporating visits to ancient heritages and natural wonders with thrilling trials all with a single trip. Our experience make us highly proficient in analyzing our client’s diverse of need and expectations. We are proud to be a reliable travel partner whilst delivering the trip of a lifetime.

Expert knowledge of the Himalaya

10+ years of experience trekking in the area have established us as true experts of Nepal’s Himalaya and neighboring countries. We are made up of local dedicated professionals from administration, crewmembers to airport representatives. We encourage you to travel like a local and evaluate the real value of money. With nothing compormised, we offer our trips at excellent value, generally much cheaper than many other large companies do. We deliver the best possible experience whilst protecting you and your money.


Nepas Travel Tours acknowledges your safety as a top priority, Our guides are selected based on their knowledge, technical proficiency, impeccable judgement, and safety competence. They are well trained in first aid and use of personal protection equipment. Since most of our guides are locals, they know how to handle any emergency case with efficiency and provincial know-how. We also advise and help plan your itinerary considering your beat interests, of which a factor we consider is acclimatization.

Flexible itinerary

Nepas Travel Tours enables you to tailor your own trip. most of our popular trips have fixed departure dates but if our set dates are not convenient we will work with you to plan your own date and itinerary considering all budgets. We organize private trips for groups of all sizes, families, couples and adventurous individuals

Quality of service

With our expertise, professionalism and skilled team, we are able to consistently deliver an excellent quality of service whilst flaunting the best Nepal has to offer. We believe tourism is driven by friendly hospitality and excellent levels of service, such as your level of satisfaction is always a key priority.

Financial protection

We are registered trekking company authorized by the government of Nepal, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board and other legal departments. So any payment made in advance of the trip is fully protected.

Exceptional experience

Nepas Travel Tours is organized and managed by team members with over 15 years of experience in trekking and tourism. Our experience, qualifications, skills and commitment to deliver excellence ensure we can deliver exemplary levels of service for your best possible travel experience.

Tailor-made itinerary specific to your budget

Nepas Travel Tours is a tailor-made travel and adventure expert of Nepal. With our level of experience, we can plan your itinerary ensuring you achieve all of your objectives and more at the best possible price. if our planned itineraries don’t fit with your goals, let us help to customize your own trip. We can compose your entire holiday with individual quotes based on your specific interests, itinerary, travel times, requirements and budget.

Personal service

We encourage anyone who is interested in planning a trip, whether it is trek, tour, safari or adventure, to get in contact and discuss their requirements and expectations directly. We can give suggestions based on our knowledge of the areas and the time of year you’re planning to travel.

Reliability and responsibility

We believe we have a responsibility to all our customers. From the day of your arrival to the day of your departure, we fully responsible for your fulfilment. Providing a duty of safety and security is our commitment to your too.

Every Nepas Travel adventure is operated in an environmentally friendly way, which has minimum impact on the natural environment. We encourage and promote interaction with local cultures. This way, our customers enjoy an enriching experience whilst contributing socially and economically to local communities.

Well connected

We have a comprehensive network of tour operators, hoteliers and transporters throughout Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. All of Nepas Travel Tours suppliers are committed to providing the highest level of quality service.

Commitment to social cultural values

Nepal is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country. There is diversity where you can find integrity. We offer a greater experience of multi-cultural values and the chance to celebrate provincial faith

We pay great respect to local culture and ethnic lifestyles. In certain places, you should be conservative in your manner of dress. At temples, monasteries and villages short and skimpy clothes are inappropriate since they may be offensive to locals. Please ask before taking someone’s photo since respect of ethics and privacy is of mutual value. Nepas Travel Tours does not believe in discrimination of colour, religion, nationality or cast. Every person, society and cultural value is an experience for you to take in. We promise to conserve your impact on local communities, as this is our responsibility

Nepas Travel and Tours personally operates each trip to ensure a reasonable cost for the best value to its customers. We are committed to providing you with unparalleled professionalism and value in travel through our highly trained staff and their extensive knowledge of all aspects of travel

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